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Immediate Release: 406 Recycling Launches Household Electronics Recycling Special including data destruction in honor of Earth Day!

Helena, MT. 406 Recycling is launching a month-long collection special to provide data-secure, responsible electronics collection from households in the Helena area to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The Earth Month special will help ensure households and businesses have access to 406 Recycling’s data-secure electronics recycling service while also ensuring safety measures such as social distancing are followed to protect community health. The special, running from April 22 through May 28th, will include contact-free collection for most computer, office, and entertainment electronics for $25, with $5 to be donated to the Good Samaritan. Some items, such as televisions older style televisions have additional fees. Up to a bankers box of paper documents will also be accepted for secure data destruction in partnership with Helena Recycling’s Ecosafe Shredding and Recycling.

406 Recycling will accept personal electronics such as cell phones and tablets; computers and related equipment including cords, routers, keyboards, speakers, and printers; and entertainment items such as stereos and television. As part of the special, 406 Recycling will provide free data destruction receipts for most data containing items such a computer hard drives and phones, and discount the recycling charges for large televisions, rear projection TVs, and older style cathode ray televisions (CRTs) and monitors. The collection will require that items can be placed outside the residents and that someone is present if any items to be collected include data. An electronic invoice will include the weights of materials recycling and data destruction receipt for hard drives.

Full pricing structure here for the Earth Day 50 special of $25 pickups:

*Computers, laptops, servers, network equipment, cell phones, tablets, cable boxes, backup power units — no limit
*Miscellaneous electronics including stereos, printers, speakers, game systems, office phones, VCRs, and related accessories – up to 100lbs; $.10/lbs above
*LCD Televisions under 36” included; over 36” additional $15
*Rear Projection and CRT Televisions: 1st 50 pounds included, $.32/lbs for additional weight
*Microwaves; $10 per item, glass try must be removed and inside clean
*Data destruction for diskettes, CDs, VHS, backup storage tapes, up to ten items; call for details if more items
*Paper documents for shredding and recycling: Up to one banker’s box per household with Helena Recycling’s Ecosafe for residential pickups; call for business details
*Batteries included in items being recycled will be accepted; other batteries vary and must be approved before pickup.
*Mileage charges may apply for pickup outside of Helena and East Helena City limits and more than five miles away from Montana City in Jefferson County.

More details and scheduling for pickup times at 406Recycling.com or call (406) 449-6008

In addition to collecting most computer and entertainment-related electronics, 406 Recycling will be partnering with Helena Recycling’s “Ecosafe Shredding and Recycling” to accept up a banker’s box of paper for secure destruction. “Helena Recycling is pleased to work with 406 Recycling to provide document shredding and recycling to honor Earth Day and ensure that home offices have access to essential data destruction in these challenging times,” says John Hilton, owner of Helena Recycling and their new document destruction company Ecosafe Shredding and Recycling. While the companies main document destruction is usually commercial, it is an important aspect as many folks may be working from home during Covid 19.

“We also want to provide a spring cleaning opportunity while folks are home,” says Matt Elsaesser of 406 Recycling. The special kick-off on Earth Day and will continue through May 28. “Earth Day, first celebrated in 1970, has become an annual event to celebrate daily choices we can make to benefit environmental health,” says Elsaesser, “recycling is a choice we can all make to save water, energy, and resources.” Data destruction is more important then ever he added and 406 Recycling is grateful to be able to work with Helena Recycling’s Ecosafe to include additional options for destroying and recycling paper documents.

Recycling is an essential service per Federal guidelines but like so many businesses, 406 Recycling has had many events canceled and made substantial changes in operations to ensure the safety of the recycling team, customers, and the community. Those have included limiting persons at the shop, administrative tasks moved offsite and paid furlough for some employees. This has included putting e-recycling events in support of Good Samaritan on hold, thought 406 Recycling will tentatively resume the month events on May 29th with additional procedures to ensure community health.

More details at are (406) 449 – 6008 and online at 406Recycling.com