It’s America Recycles Day!

406 Recycling is proud to be part of the national recycling effort and this year alone expects to recycle half a million pounds of e-waste.

In addition to recycling cans and paper, let’s focus on a newer source of waste, your smartphone. According to the EPA, less than 20% of cell phones are recycled*. If that other 80% were collected, it’d be possible to recover*:

35,274 lbs of copper
772 lbs of silver
75 lbs of gold
33 lbs of palladium

What can you do to be part of this recovery? Give it to 406 Recycling! This Friday, November 19th, marks another e-waste collection at the Good Samaritan where you can bring your phone and other electronic waste such as computer mice, landline phones, and computer cables.

For more ways to increase your recycling efforts check out our services for e-waste and event recycling.