Electronics Recycling

Accepted Items

Please note: this list is not exhaustive, but includes commonly recycled items. If you have questions about an item, contact us at contact@406recycling.com

Items Not Accepted

Collection Options


Recycling fees in effect for future events and businesses are:

Businesses with large amounts of material, households needing residential pickup, or institutions needing receipts for data destruction are encouraged to call ahead or schedule a pickup by calling 406-449-6008.

These charges cover cost to ensure data destruction and responsible recycling and disposal of all materials.

Contact us at contact@406recyclng.com to learn more. Volume discounts apply for data destruction services.


Recycling FAQ

Can I drop off my electronics at your local facility?

Deliveries to our local processing facility are by appointment only. If you are a community member interested in recycling your electronics, learn about upcoming local collection events or join our email list to learn about upcoming public events!

Where do you send the items?

We are committed to environmental stewardship and ship material only to R2/RIOS or E-Steward facilities. By shipping to R2/RIOS and E-Steward facilities, we are able to ensure high environmental stewardship standards are met through the entire end-of-life recycling process.

Why should I recycle my electronics?

Electronics are one of the fastest-growing segments of waste in municipal landfills in the United States. Recycling your electronics saves energy, reduces pollution and greenhouse gases, and saves resources by extracting fewer raw materials. Recycling with 406 Recycling also ensures any data on outdated or unwanted electronic devices is responsibly destroyed.

How can I recycle other items like cans and bottles in the Helena area?

City of Helena

Visit the City of Helena website for recycling services. Renters living in a household, duplex, triplex, four-plex, and some other units served by City of Helena sanitation services are eligible for a “renter’s permit” to use recycling facilities at the City of Helena Transfer Station which includes recycling for glass (container glass only) and plastic (type #1 & #2; no lids) in addition to the corrugated cardboard, metal cans, and mixed paper (office/newsprint/magazine) accepted at sites throughout Helena.

Helena Recycling

Helena Recycling provides curbside and business recycling collection for most common recyclables including glass, type #1 & #2 plastic, cardboard, metal cans, and paper (office/newsprint/magazine).

Other Recycling:

Clothing and other usable items: thrift stores, such as the Good Samaritan, collect items for resale and reuse while also supporting those in need.

Building supplies: The Helena Area Habitat for Humanity’s Restore accepts “gently used furniture, home accessories, building materials, and appliances.”

Should I recycle plastics? Is it good for the planet?

Yes. There are plastic recycling programs at the City of Helena Transfer Station. Programs in Helena rightly focus on the collection of #1 & #2 plastic bottles, which can become food trays, bottles again, and many other durable goods replacing virgin feedstock in things like carpet and clothing.


What about micro-plastics in clothing?

Synthetic clothing can shed micro-plastics. Some treatment facilities will capture them, but wash bags and filters that catch the plastic in your washing machine are now commercially available for households. Washing your clothes in cold water can also prevent the shedding of micro-plastics!


What does compostable mean?

If a product is deemed “certified compostable”, it meets certain regulatory standards in how it biodegrades. Specifically, these products break down completely into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. They must do so within 90 days, and they leave no harmful residue. Because of the extra steps required to earn a compostable label, most compostable products can be disposed of in a compost bin. From there, they transform into nutrient-rich compost at a local industrial compost facility.


What do I do with office paper?

Recycle with newsprint and magazine. Windowed envelopes are okay too. Retired books can be recycled by removing the cover and limiting thickness to 1/4 inch.


Are we getting better at recycling in Helena? If glass is sand, why bother?

Container glass recycling at the transfer station or through Helena Recycling goes to either Ash Grove Cement in Clancy (a great community partner who uses the silica, lime, and soda ash from container glass in their durable product) or Momentum Recycling in Salt Lake City, which provides glass to bottle plants and to companies making permanent goods like insulation. Sand is the most-used resource on the planet outside of water.


Why isn’t recycling free?

While we support a publicly-funded system that’s designed to be free, only some recycling has the market demand to incentivize collection, generally metals. But trash isn’t free either. The publicly-funded solid waste regime most of Helena and the greater Helena area pays into was designed to be an integrated solid waste management system that recognized beneficial diversion including recycling and priority waste when established. Read more about it here.


What could Helena do?