Be a “Green” Red Ant with Recycling and Compostable Cups!

Red Ants Pants Music Festival has again partnered with 406 Recycling to make recycling easy! Simply look for recycling bins for your plastic bottles (empty, discard plastic lids) and aluminum cans (empty first, separate and recycle metal lids) throughout the venue and campground. AGAIN THIS YEAR our beer tent cups are compostable and will be collected to feed worms and make soil with vermiculture using the green tubes throughout the venue (upside down please). Cans, plastic bottles, and cardboard for campers at the recycling center near the main campground vehicle entrance/exit. Please break down cardboard (lightweight cardboard okay), discard greasy or wet cardboard,  and remove plastic lids. Many vendors will be participating in other recycling and waste reduction efforts behind the scenes as well! Thank you for being green and keeping Montana beautiful!